MJog Discount Schemes

There are several easy ways that you can reduce the costs of your MJog Patient Messaging services:

  • MJog Annual Contract – Switch from paying monthly to an annual contract, and we will give you a 5% discount off your MJog subscription fees.
  • MJog Referral Scheme – Refer another Practice site to us, via the MJog Practice Referral Scheme, and we will not charge you for your next month’s service fees*. There’s no limit on how many Practices that you can refer or how many months of savings you can therefore make.
  • MJog Group Purchase – Available to groups of 10 or more Practices, who all purchase their next twelve months MJog service together as one under a single group contract. This will reduce the subscription fees for all Practices in the group by 10% or more, depending upon final numbers participating in the group purchase.

Simply email us at info@mjog.com starting with the word ‘Referral’, ‘Annual’ or ‘Group’ on the subject line, and let us know your contact details plus the contact details of those who you wish to either refer or details of all members who will be included in the Group Purchase including their NHS Practice Codes.

Is you practice a branch site member of a Hub?
We offer the following discounts to branch sites who are part of a Hub system using the MJog Premium Service, plus any extra services purchased at the same time as MJog Premium.

  • 1 – 5 sites     25%
  • 6 – 10 sites   30%
  • 11 – 29 sites  35%

For more details about discounts offered to Hubs and their branch sites, please email info@mjog.com using “HUB” in the subject line.

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