Company Overview

MJog Limited (formally Soft Option Technologies) was founded in 1988 by two imaginative software engineers in Cambridge.

Over the past 27 years, millions of users have benefited from our innovative software solutions which have harnessed the very latest new technologies and allowed them to be used to enhance our customers’ existing systems in a seamless fashion.

The founders, who continue to direct the company today, have developed (since 2003) the MJog range of software and electronic messaging services that integrates seamlessly with many types of appointment scheduling systems.

MJog systems provide advanced text, voice and email messaging services, using information extracted from existing appointment systems in everything from General Practices, to Private Clinics and Hospitals.  By extracting appointment and contact details, MJog enables our users to automatically send and receive a regular stream of communication between themselves and their clients or patients, at very low cost and without the need to alter their systems or processes in any way.

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