Meet the Board

MJog Limited is about the entire team: development, marketing, sales, support and accounts. Without these dedicated people MJog would not be the success it is today.

This team of loyal personnel is headed by forward thinking software developers Kevin Nutt, Mark Howells and James Borden; they create the vision and drive the MJog team to bring that vision to life.

Kevin Nutt

After gaining his degree in Computer Science, Kevin began work at defence contractor Plessey Defence Systems supporting military projects.

After years of working within externally Venture Capital funded companies, Kevin soon found he preferred the higher pressure and small teams usually found in smaller companies, and so in 1988 founded Soft Option Technologies Limited (Now MJog Limited).

Since then Kevin has been responsible for keeping our mission travelling in the right direction, with the introduction of Web integration tools and the very latest electronic messaging system, MJog.

Mark Howells

After completing a degree in Computer Science in 1985, Mark gained a solid working foundation in User Interfaces, Networking, Languages, Operating Systems & Project Management.

Mark met Kevin Nutt while working for Torch Technology and together they decided to begin their own business, Soft Option Technologies in 1988.

Responsible for the inception of the MJog product group, Mark is the driving force behind the technology that allows MJog to solve the business problems our customers need addressing.

James Borden

James originally joined Soft Option Technologies back in 1998 as a Senior Consultant.

His ability to capture the needs of our clients and transform those requirements into the workable implementation of our software led James into the position of Client Services Director in 2001, with overall responsiblity for the Client Services Team.

Alongside Mark Howells, our Technical Director, James is key in developing new features based on our customers’ feedback and diversifying our service into new markets.

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