The Coronavirus outbreak has caused panic amongst the general public in the United Kingdom and with that comes confusion, thus causing practices significant headaches when it comes to communication.

To alleviate the confusion and to provide clear and concise communications for patients, follow our guidelines on how our two-way patient messaging services can help free up staff time and alleviate pressures on clinics.

How MJog can Help

Across our social channels we’ll be publishing regular tips and updates on how to use MJog to handle the Coronavirus pressures. Check out our LinkedIn or our Twitter for further updates.

Communicating with Your Patients

Communication is key to managing a viral outbreak. Across the country we have seen practices close due to Coronavirus outbreaks which could have been avoided with clearer patient communications.

Within MJog there are multiple ways to message patients and help you manage your practice. For the purpose of the Coronavirus though, you’ll likely want to use a Campaign message, but you can also send an individual message too using Desktop GP.

Send a Single Message to a One Patient

By using MJog Desktop GP you can send a message through text or via our app to a single patient. By using the MJog Messenger Smart app you are saving the NHS money too, as messaging via the app is free.

Desktop GP sits on top of your SystmOne or EMIS clinical systems and allows any GP to message any patient with ease.

Send a Campaign to Multiple Patients

Campaigns within MJog allow you to message thousands of patients in just a few clicks. Here’s our essential tips for creating an effective Coronavirus health campaign within MJog:

  1. Use our newly created Coronavirus Template – this has been created inline with the NHS guidelines and prioritises pushing patients towards 111 online if they need assistance. You’ll find it within the Template Library.
  2. Select the appropriate audience – whether you are using SystmOne or EMIS, make sure that the audience you want to send to is appropriate. For general Coronavirus advice you could select your entire patient database, but for the ‘high risk’ groups such as asthma suffers or the elderly a more specific message may be needed.
  3. Ensure your other channels carry the same advice – if your practice or hospital has a website, make sure that similar advice is on that site too otherwise patients could end up confused.

To create your campaign within MJog, watch our guide on YouTube or read through our how-to on the Knowledge Base.

Updating Your Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are a powerful way of ensuring patients do not waste time at your practice, they are also a fantastic way of ensuring the Coronavirus does not put your practice at risk.

Our new appointment reminder template makes screening for Coronavirus efficient and easy for both the patient and the practice.

You can ask the patient to take the NHS 111 Online questionaire to determine symptoms before the appointment and take action as a result of their replies.

Check out our video guide below and go to the MJog Support Centre for more details on how to set it up.

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