01 Dec 2020

Covid-19 vaccination: there’s no need for a dog’s breakfast
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  • Today, the HSJ published an article in which it warned the Government that “IT problems will make a dog’s breakfast of Covid vaccine delivery,” due to the fact that vaccination programmes run by Primary Care Networks and individual GP practices will not be part of the planned national “call and recall system.”

    NHS Test & Trace has taught us the hard way about the real difficulties of building (from scratch) a technology enabled national system and instead the critical importance of using existing local infrastructure, skills and networks.  

    While we share legitimate concerns about the need to properly coordinate the national and local vaccination effort, we would like to provide some reassurance for primary care providers that they will not be left to fend for themselves until the national system is fully up, running and working well.

    MJog is able to reach and communicate with almost 60% of GP practices and, through them, reach a primary care patient population of 40 million.  During the last 12 years we have developed deep experience in how best to communicate with patients, whether for routine appointment bookings, prescription updates and, more importantly in this case, vaccination campaigns.  

    Each year we reach 10’s of millions of patients through their preferred communication channel when the NHS runs vaccination campaigns on behalf of our primary care partners.  As a patient first organisation we have learnt how to use the communication channel that best fits the need of our patients, whether that be by landline voice messaging, by email, by text or indeed through smartphone applications.  MJog already provides a communication platform for NHS vaccination campaigns, so we have the necessary tools in place to do the job.

    This experience means we have been able to develop a comprehensive set of Covid-19 vaccination resources for GPs to use with their patients – surveys, pre-vaccination information, Mass Vaccination Centre locations, vaccination bookings (at a patient’s home practice, host practice or MVC), second dose reminders  – so that those in primary care can be confident that they are well equipped for what will be a mammoth effort.  

    Our system already integrates with the patient’s electronic record locally, so we are able to prompt patient’s to book an available Covid-19 vaccination session and produce a record of their vaccination.  Until a national booking system is available, companies like MJog offer a proven, reliable and safe way to deliver and track Covid-19 vaccinations at local level.  

    In common with others in our sector, what we do is tried and tested, indeed we already work to support the National Immunisation Management Service to deliver flu campaigns.  MJog provides the robust and expert capability that Primary Care Networks and other GPs need to play their part in the Covid-19 vaccination effort. We know that together with our partners, we can meet this challenge head on.

    Kevin Nutt
    CEO at MJog

    MJog is now part of Livi, read more about the recent acquisition here.

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