15 May 2015

Digital health communications reduce costs by 75%
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    Clapham Park Group Practice, which has long been established in South London, started contacting large sections of their patient list of more than 15,000 patients using digital communications in 2012, via MJog’s multi-channel messaging services. Since then, they have seen a steady increase in the number of messages delivered, particularly at key times in the year.

    IT Lead, Grant Burford has increased utilisation to the full potential of MJog. They are now notifying patients of upcoming appointments, whilst also allowing patients to cancel unwanted appointments via the MJog Auto Cancel function, thereby enabling the practice to reallocate freed-up appointments to other patients, running health campaigns targeting chronic diseases such as diabetes, and asthma, and also for cervical screening clinics.

    Giving patients greater access and choice
    For specific clinics, the Practice has noticed an increase in patient awareness, and uptake in use, assisting the Practice to meet its objectives relating to QOF.

    The Patient Participate Group at the Practice has been involved since the inception of the MJog system, and they have passed on the benefits to the wider patient population, encouraging more of the patient base to use the system.

    Grant says that patients are offered greater choice through digital communications “…they like the ability to cancel their appointments easily and that they are given the choice to do so.” The Practice estimate that they are able to save about £60,000 per annum through the Auto Cancel feature alone.

    Since using MJog, Grant has noted a huge impact on DNAs – a reduction of 20% by using SMS, which has allowed for the effective use of staff within clinics. He has also seen a massive drop in communication costs by as much as 75%, as posted letters are no longer used as confirmations and reminders for appointments.

    To generate awareness and attendance for winter ’flu campaign, the Practice ran weekend clinics to ensure every patient had the opportunity to attend. Initially, using traditional communication methods, the uptake was minimal. Grant comments “Since using MJog, the uptake increased hugely and the weekend system has proved to be popular and beneficial to both patient and Practice. Certainly the access to the wider patient audience quickly and efficiently proved to be helpful.” The clinics run by the practice have seen a noticeable difference in the rates of attendance, for example, up by 10% for walk-in slots, and this has meant healthcare and admin staff time has been used much more efficiently.

    Read more about Clapham Park Group Practice and their use of MJog and check out other case studies. We also have comments and reviews on the Practice Index website.

    To find out more about our work in the Primary Care market, or how MJog’s services could really benefit your practice, then please contact our team via email.

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