16 Jun 2014

Emergency admissions DES to encourage greater care for the elderly at home
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  • To help reduce the number of unplanned emergency admissions to A&E, CCGs will have new funding available for their GP Practices, worth up to £5 per patient, for supporting care of the elderly. Currently, the majority of CCGs have not yet committed their funding to support GPs to roll out the new emergency admissions DES, despite the pledge from NHS England to commit funding to this latest DES.

    Some CCGs have assigned funding conditions to the new target, which include reducing admission rates and potentially increasing at home care interventions. Transforming care for the elderly can equate to an extra £50 for patients aged 75 and over. CCGs are also assigning conditions to the release of funding which will be based around conditions such as COPD, Diabetes and Atrial Fibrilation.

    Practices in Blackpool, Wolverhampton and Bracknell have seen a positive impact on their A&E admissions by targeting their patients through public health information campaigns, and providing details about condition management and building patient awareness of self management.

    Unplanned Admissions Direct Enhanced Service (DES) was introduced on 1st April 2014 and is worth £2.87 per registered patient in a practice. It is not additional income as it has been made available by removal of 100 QOF points from other areas. Full details on what is required is available at the NHS Employers website.

    To find our more about how you can use MJog to target and reach those patients aged 75 and over and avoid unplanned A&E admissions, email us at info@mjog.com or call 01353 741641 (Option 1).

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