What are we providing in Lot 2?

Through Lot 2, your practice can choose to order from a variety of services which MJog offer that are approved to interoperate with the clinical systems through an accredited interface. We’re offering products which include:

MJog Premium is a patient messaging solution with quick and easy installation, for rapid deployment to practices. It allows two way communications (via various channels including SMS) to increase your efficiency and appointment availability through confirmation messages, and allowing cancellations from patients; health awareness campaigns to improve management of chronic diseases and simplifying your processes to automate systems; reducing postal costs by switching to digital communications.
The extra services below are available as costed add-ons to MJog Premium (these are not available without MJog Premium).
MJog Voice increases the coverage of your patient population to almost 100% with automated voice calls to patient landlines and mobiles. Popular with patients who do not use SMS, MJog Voice can help increase access as the patient can confirm attendance via their telephone keypad.
MJog Email enables you to deliver messages which may require longer, more detailed information (e.g. medication advice or advising a patient that their prescription is ready with advice). MJog Email is a convenient way to conduct patient surveys including the Friends and Family Test.
MJog Text In allows patients a quick and convenient way to contact you by using a dedicated text number for your practice.  By adding this number to your MJog subscription, you can publish to make all patients aware of this convenient and low cost method to get in touch 24/7.

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