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You'll see immediate benefits from using MJog. Our platform reduces DNAs by over 50% and empowers practice staff and clinicians to do their job, but better.

Whether you want to send a batch message to your entire patient population, send one patient their Fit Note, or initiate a video consultation - it's easy to do with MJog.

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Optimised for increasing patient engagement.

Whether you're a GP or a Practice Manager, MJog helps you engage with patients through individual, batch, video, and remote telehealth solutions.

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Practices & GPs love MJog

MJOG worked fantastically well during our influenza clinics and we have plans to use it for our next COVID-19 vaccinations too.

Sean F.
Systems & Finance Lead
Chapelgreen Practice

Just wanted to say how much I am really enjoying using MJOG messenger. It really is a dream as I am using the templates, engaging with patients, getting replies back and it supports all the other online services we are offering. Such a simple messaging tool but very powerful. Small changes, big impact. Truly transformational.

Amir Hannan, MBE

MJog is essential in our practice, ensuring patients get timely reminders and turn up to their appointment. For COVID-19, MJog has been crucial in delivering informative campaigns to our large patient list.

Wayne B.
Systems Lead

MJog Premium

MJog Premium is the foundation on which the rest of our solutions fit on top of. Using Premium, you can:

  • Send individual & batch messages via SMS
  • Automate your appointment reminders
  • Send Friend & Family Questionnaires
  • Attach a PDF document to individual & batch messages.
MJog Premium
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MJog Desktop GP

Desktop GP is our handy messaging toolbar, designed to help GPs easily engage with patients:

  • Send individual messages to patients without leaving the patient record
  • Initiate a video consultation, using MJog Video, Skype, WhereBy, Zoom, or FootFall
  • Send a scheduled series of messages to a patient
  • View your inbox easily from the toolbar.

Engage your patients

MJog isn't just about SMS; you can also deliver messages via Email, Voice, and Smart App.

It's important to use the right channel for your audience. Different patients prefer different communication methods, which is why MJog's multi-channel solution can help your engage even better with your patients.

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Flagship Practices get access to MJog's full suite of solutions, entirely free. Plus, get access to priority support and a dedicated Flagship Manager.

Download our Patient Engagement Guide

Our guide to Patient Engagement explores the best ways to engage with your patients. We look at why shorter SMS messages are good for the NHS and patients, plus a deep dive into how MJog products can help you achieve your goals.

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