We deliver more than 3 million messages every month to Patients across the UK, including appointment reminders, recalls and results reaching 1 in 4 of the population. MJog is used by GPs, CCGs, Community Care, Screening Clinics, Hospital Trusts and Private Healthcare providers to help them work more efficiently through reducing their DNAs and lowering their Patient communication costs.

Healthcare Partners

“MJog is providing us with a massive productivity tool which allows us to do jobs in minutes which would previously have taken us hours or days. It is so much more efficient and people prefer it – they can respond on the train, on the bus or even when they are doing their shopping.”

Nick Giles, Area Operations Manager, One Medicare


MJog forges new path with groundbreaking partnerships

The MJog Smart Partners programme means NHS patients across Sunderland will be informed about new cutting-edge services in rapid and cost-efficient …

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Type 2 Diabetes education programmes supported by MJog Smart

MJog are supporting the Diabetes education programmes being funded by NHS England by creating MJog Smart templates for CCGs who are then able to invite …

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Data Protection changes weeks away

With changes to the law a matter of weeks away (25 May 2018), many MJog customers have been using our …

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