We deliver more than 3 million messages every month to Patients across the UK, including appointment reminders, recalls and results reaching 1 in 3 of the population. MJog is used by GPs, CCGs, Community Care, Screening Clinics, Hospital Trusts and Private Healthcare providers to help them work more efficiently through reducing their DNAs and lowering their Patient communication costs.

Healthcare Partners

Since the implementation of MJOG, the DNA rates have dropped by over 50%. The centres are extremely impressed at how easily MJOG was implemented, and the impact it has had on DNA’s.

Michael Bond, Senior Applications Specialist, Care UK


Our Tried and Tested COVID-19 Solution

Last week, like millions of us around the UK and the world, MJog were delighted to hear the brilliant news …

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Covid-19 vaccination: there’s no need for a dog’s breakfast

Today, the HSJ published an article in which it warned the Government that “IT problems will make a dog’s breakfast …

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UI Changes to Desktop GP

We’re pleased to announce that MJog Desktop GP is now even more easy to use, providing a no-frills experience for …

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