We deliver more than 3 million messages every month to Patients across the UK, including appointment reminders, recalls and results reaching 1 in 4 of the population. MJog is used by GPs, CCGs, Community Care, Screening Clinics, Hospital Trusts and Private Healthcare providers to help them work more efficiently through reducing their DNAs and lowering their Patient communication costs.

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MJOG has enabled us to gather a lot of patient information that we would not have been able to get unless we called the patients or saw them face to face, such as their smoking status..since patients simply reply to texts with the appropriate answer. This information is then put directly into the patients’ record so there is no need for us to manually input codes. MJOG has enabled us to easily send our patients information about where they can get help with quitting smoking.

Jonathan Lawton, Practice Manager, Leen View Surgery


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