Case Studies

MJog Smart Case Study

Read how MJog Smart vastly increased the uptake to Type 2 Diabetes education sessions for Buckinghamshire CCG, while decreasing the time/cost involved to contact the patient cohort. The responses were automatically coded to the clinical system and the communications sign-posted patients according to their needs.

Primary Care Case Studies

The Waterfield Practice – As a CCG funded practice, they have used MJog Email and MJog Premium to deliver health campaign messages (allowing them to reallocate unwanted appointments and deliver more in-depth information to patients), and FFT messages (providing required information in a simple format).

Cripps Health Centre – The centre were able to re-allocate 100% of appointments via MJog, allowing patients to automatically text back produced savings of £160,000, 282 reclaimed hours annually (£72,000).

Moatfield Practice – saw 70% of patients register for digital communications, 100% parents registration for child immunisation, and 50% response rate to smoking campaigns sent digitally.

One Medical Group – One Medicare has used SMS and email to increase patient access and improve patient experience for their 9 practices.

Burnham Health Centre – Read how Burnham Health Centre has benefited from using SMS, Voice and Email patient messaging which has generated a huge impact on missed appointments, reduced pressure on reception and increased Patient awareness of their health services.

Clapham Park Group Practice – They have used Auto Cancel (allowing patients to text back which has seen great annual savings in addition to massive drop in communication costs by using digital communications.

Secondary Care Case Studies

Princess Alexandra Hospital – Read how Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has seen sustainable benefits in DNA reductions, increased clinic slot utilisation and increased PbR income, by using MJog’s Patient Messaging Services

Medway NHS Foundation Trust – Learn how benefited from increased clinic attendance, improved efficiencies through a change of systems and processes which support the hospital team and patients alike, by using MJog.

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