MJog Referral Scheme

MJog is offering you the opportunity to save on your future MJog subscription fees, simply by recommending our services to other sites!

When you recommend MJog to another Practice or Clinic, who have never previously used MJog, and they sign up via Direct Debit as a new customer and become a live user, we will then credit you your monthly subscription. For example, if you have Premium plus voice and email you could save one month of those costs off your account*.

There’s no limit on how many sites you can refer to us – you can do it as many times as you like!

Referring colleagues couldn’t be easier, so why not let them know just some of the benefits they could gain by introducing the MJog service into their practice:

  • Reducing DNAs using automated appointment reminders delivered via SMS, voice and email
  • Increasing access to appointments through automatic appointment cancellations from patients available 24/7
  • Reducing postage costs using our Patient health campaign manager allowing you to schedule digital campaigns throughout the year ahead
  • Saving time using our preconfigured QOF and message templates to allow you to improve management of long term conditions
  • Saving even more time by automatic read coding of campaigns and patient replies

Simply email us at referrals@mjog.com, starting with the word ‘Referral’ on the subject line and let us know who you wish to refer (their NHS Practice Code), or contact us on 01353 741641 and we’ll do the rest!

*If your last invoice for your Premium, Voice and Email service was £85, then you would be credited £85.


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