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We used MJog Email to send out the link to complete the online Patient Survey. This was really successful and means that we can email these patients back with any feedback from the Survey. For Patient online access we also used MJog Email first, as we knew these patients were already ‘online’ and using email, so would probably be more likely to sign up for online access. We used MJog mobile as well for both of these, but it was useful having the email contact as more information can be written in the email messages than the mobile messages.
Sharon Ellison, Audit Manager, Panton Practice

We have sent 9 flu campaigns (Dec 2014 to April 2015) which would have involved 3 letters per patient; we have sent to an average of 30 to at risk patients at a time. Based on 90 letters per campaign we have saved over £400 on postage alone not to mention the savings in staff time.
Allison Trenerry, Practice Supervisor, North Colchester Healthcare Centre (Care UK)

In addition to appointment reminders, we use it for campaign notifications including immunisations, reviews and nhs health checks. We certainly found the voice service useful for our flu campaign, helping us to eliminate completely the tedious/expensive process of sending out hundreds of letters.
Karen Gonet, Practice Manager, The GP Centre

We use MJog Text-In frequently to get information about Patients smoking status; for flu invites where patients can accept or decline. We also used Text-In to educate Patients about how they need to manage their health during the 2013 heatwave. We’ve increased our engagement with our patients and now have an easy way to manage our resources as our staff time has been freed up as responses are automatically coded into our clinical system.
Pam Gill, IT Manager, York House Medical Centre

MJOG has enabled us to gather a lot of patient information that we would not have been able to get unless we called the patients or saw them face to face, such as their smoking status..since patients simply reply to texts with the appropriate answer. This information is then put directly into the patients’ record so there is no need for us to manually input codes. MJOG has enabled us to easily send our patients information about where they can get help with quitting smoking.
Jonathan Lawton, Practice Manager, Leen View Surgery

We used MJog Text-In for all of our patients who did not have an up-to-date smoking status. We were able to automatically update patient records with the appropriate read-code, which saved us lots of calls. Giving patients the choice of being able to respond 24/7 has had a huge impact for us.
Mike Wain, Practice Business Manager, Adelaide Street Surgery

We ran weekend flu clinics to ensure every patient had the opportunity to attend. Initially, using traditional communication methods, the uptake was minimal. Since implementing MJog, the uptake increased hugely and the weekend system has proved to be popular and beneficial to both our patients and Practice. Certainly the access to the wider patient audience quickly and efficiently has proved to be helpful.
Grant Burford, IT Manager, Clapham Park Group Practice

The main impact of MJOG has been to massively speed up the process of running campaigns. We mainly use it for our monthly recalls for our management of long term conditions. It’s much quicker than doing letters and sending them by post; it’s much less expensive and it’s quicker for our admin staff. A key benefit is that it also codes the medical record. We use this aspect every time.
Stuart Tilley, Practice Manager, Gosforth Valley Medical Centre

Since our practice started using MJog we have sent our flu campaigns using MJog to our ‘at risk’ patients, and seen a dramatic reduction in our DNAs. The Support team have been really helpful talking me through what I need to do. It’s made work simpler and we’re much more effective.
Christine Board, Practice Manager, The James O’Riordan Medical Practice

Read more about the benefits of MJog through our case studies. For further details about our multi-channel digital service please email info@mjog.com

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