We have been using MJog for chronic diseases, including asthma invites. Patients have found it extremely useful to be able to automatically cancel their appointments, by texting us back. Those responses are then recorded automatically into our clinical system and readcoded – a lifesaver!”

“We certainly found the voice service useful for our campaign, helping us to eliminate completely the tedious/ expensive process of sending out letters.”

“MJog has increased patient awareness and take-up of our services, and is now starting to provide us with valuable information on patient behaviour and use of tobacco and alcohol.”

“We use MJog Text-In frequently to get information about Patients smoking status; for flu invites where patients can accept or decline. We also used Text-In to educate Patients about how they need to manage their health during the 2013 heatwave. We’ve increased our engagement with our patients and now have an easy way to manage our resources as our staff time has been freed up as responses are automatically coded into our clinical system.”

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