Secondary Care

Appointment reminders via text messages are dramatically reducing DNAs (Did Not Attends) and assisting Hospital Trusts in meeting their 18 week patient pathway objectives.

DNA rates currently account for 10% of all first appointments and 13% of follow up appointments, costing the NHS in  the region of £614 million a year and a significant loss in performance. Private Hospitals also lose valuable resources  which emanate from missed appointments.

The introduction of appointment reminder systems via text, email and voice synthesis have already proven to be hugely successful, significantly reducing costly missed appointments and increasing performance levels. And it doesn’t stop there; many hospitals are already finding new uses for patient messaging from proactive care to general information services.

We understand that Hospitals, both NHS and Private, are committed to delivering excellence and quality in the provision of the healthcare services. The introduction of technology for improved patient communications is opening avenues to enhance patient services and also ensures maximum efficiency for the Hospital.

Features of the service include:

  • Fully automated reminders to vastly reduce DNAs and improve patient access to healthcare
  • Voice Messages to increase coverage that will further reduce your DNAs
  • Patient reply service compatible with NHSmail for free messaging options
  • Instant messaging feature to send fast, adhoc message to individual or groups of patients
  • Health Campaign Management for the support of long term health conditions
  • Unlimited tailored message templates to suit each of your clinic’s requirements
  • Free installation, set up and training with no hidden costs

For further information on the services we can provide contact us. You can also call our Secondary Care team on 01353 741641 (Option 1).

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