NHS SBS Framework Option

Access to MJog’s advanced Patient Messaging Services is now available via the NHS SBS Framework Agreement where  MJog is one of a few approved suppliers in the following lots:

  • Lot 1 – SMS (One way and Two way)
  • Lot 2 – Email (Email)
  • Lot 3 – IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

This agreement is valid from from: 28 March 2013 until 27 March 2016.
Contract reference number: SBS/13/CR//WFD/7715/08

Additional benefits of our service include outsourced hosting of the Patient Messaging platform and the use of email for electronic delivery of longer rich html messages.

We have provided 1000s ofNHS clients with our patient messaging services, with the benefits of accessing savings through streamlined procurement process and rapid deployment of MJog’s services producing real results within weeks of introduction.

For more details please call us on 01353 741641 or email us to see how we can help deliver your patient communications for your Trust.

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