How to make a complaint to MJog

Please complete the details below so we can understand the nature of your complaint. All issues will be passed to senior management to be reviewed and actioned within 24 hours.

Please tell us which area of our business that did not meet your expectations:

Sales, Helpdesk, Accounts, Customer Service, Deployment

When did the issue first arise?

On what date did you first contact MJog? (day/month/year)

Was this your only contact with MJog about this subject?

Who was your first contact with, if a member of staff?

If you first contacted us through one of our business email addresses (e.g. please include the date and time you sent the email. If you emailed a member of staff, then please provide a copy of the email and the address you used in the box below.

Please provide your details so we can contact you:

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We take complaints seriously, so your assistance resolving these matters is very much appreciated and helps us improve our service to you.

Thank you.

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