Using digital patient communications

Through MJog Premium you can send health campaign messages via SMS messaging, and a subscription to MJog Voice allows automated voice calls to patient landlines. In addition, MJog Email will deliver email messages to your patients email inboxes giving them advice on what they need (e.g. what they can do to stay warm in Winter; detailed medication advice and details of where to find out more information on their chronic disease(s).

Our exclusive Training and Resources area gives MJog subscribers access to the videos and materials needed to quickly learn how to reduce the burden of reaching your patient population on a daily basis, simply and cost effectively through interactive patient communications.

How can I use MJog to reach my patients?

Online Surveys
As well providing a Friends and Family Test solution, MJog can benefit your practice by using various combinations of messaging channels (SMS and email for example) for online surveys for your PPG. One group of practices received a far higher response to surveys using SMS messaging than using traditional postal surveys. You can read more about this and other achievements made using interactive digital patient communications.

Out of Hours
You can inform patients where to find relevant advice and let them know what services will be available when the practice is closed.

Staying Warm in Winter
Many pre-constructed message templates are available in MJog enabling practices to send messages to patients giving advice on how to keep well over Winter period and also links to further advice online such as from NHS Choices.

Shingles Campaign
To reach the target patient population (70-79) our Shingles guide gives you a step by step guide to contacting all the relevant patients using automated voice messaging.

Flu Campaign
We have dedicated materials to support your annual flu campaigns which you can read through, or watch a flu campaign video to help you contact the relevant patients. In addition, we have carefully constructed flu message templates which can be simply accessed within the MJog system to cover different communication channels from SMS, voice or email, which will invite target patients for their vaccination.

MJog has a range of materials to help you achieve the maximum QOF points available for specific chronic conditions. Our digital communications allow simple management of long term conditions as all communications can easily and automatically be read-coded back into a patient’s record, as MJog integrates with all leading clinical systems.

Keyword Responses
By encouraging your patients to respond to simple health questions (sent to patients using either SMS, voice or email messaging), and using MJog’s automatic recognition of Key word responses, you can quickly and cost effectively update patient health records. For example, you can recommend where to seek health advice e.g. if a patient texts or emails the word ‘smoke’, MJog will automatically respond with a message containing details of where to find smoking cessation advice, and read code that the message has been sent into the patient’s record.

Patient Newsletters
Use MJog Email to save time and money on printing and posting newsletters while also reaching a wider age range of the patient population.

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