09 Mar 2017

MJog delivers 20,000 saved appointments for CCG
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  • Local GPs in East Lancashire CCG have seen significant savings by using MJog’s Patient Messaging Services to help patients avoid missing their appointments. In 2016 more than one million messages were sent to patients resulting in over 20,000 saved appointments.

    East Lancs CCG trialled the MJog service in 2013, funding it with innovation funds, with the initial aim of reducing DNAs. Over 215,000 appointment reminder messages were sent and over 67,000 health campaign messages followed. The service is now widely used across the CCG and is key to reducing communication costs and improving QOF results. In addition, practices across the CCG have seen improved communications to patients, huge DNA reduction together with greater awareness amongst patients of services such as health awareness and test results.

    In 2016, nearly half a million Friends and Family Test questions were sent to patients in the CCG, as well as 16,500 test results. Using the MJog Voice service, the CCG has invited patients for their annual flu vaccination instead of using traditional letters and postage, saving staff time and resources.

    A total of 1.7million messages were sent by East Lancs CCG in 2016, of which one million were appointment reminders. When patients text back “CANCEL” to appointments they could not attend, over 20,000 appointments were able to be re-used. DNA savings for the CCG alone is over £750,000, while the combination of using SMS, Voice and Email to invite patients for annual reviews has seen a reduction in postage costs, resulting in savings of over £800,000 across practices in the CCG.

    Dr Phil Huxley, Chair of NHS East Lancashire CCG, said, “The MJog service is vital to helping practices reduce the number of patients missing their appointments. It has also helped get key important messages out to target population groups, such as winter campaigns and reminding of the importance of having the flu vaccine. It has increased patient access to services and massively reduced communication costs.”

    Kevin Nutt, MD at MJog Ltd said, “We have seen fantastic results from those CCGs funding MJog that make a real and lasting impact to communities. We’re delighted that East Lancs CCG have positive and ongoing results by using MJog, and being able to target their communications to improve access and service uptake.”

    Read more about CCG savings and you can contact our CCG team on ccg@mjog.com to see how MJog can deliver savings.

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    MJog delivers 20,000 saved appointments for CCG

    Local GPs in East Lancashire CCG have seen significant savings by using MJog’s Patient Messaging Services to help patients avoid …

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