MJog Desktop GP

MJog Desktop GP is a quick, simple and secure patient communication tool for General Practitioners to use, which allows any clinical system users (EMIS Web or TPP’s SystmOne) to send a quick message to any patient, whilst automatically selecting the contact details from the current on screen patient’s record.

A button bar, which sits at the top right hand corner of the clinical system window and enables the user to launch the Quick Message function from within MJog Premium, select a Favourite Message Template (or with adequate permissions, type your own message) then hit the send button to send it on it’s way to the patient. Depending on your Practice subscription (Smart, SMS, or Email), you can send any message template to your patient using their preferred communication method, as previously recorded within MJog.

Depending upon the selected message template, patients can be asked to respond (text back) to messages, and their response will be available to the GP when they next log in to MJog.

Other features include:

  • Two buttons, one for sending messages and one reading replies – the ‘Quick Message’ button to send messages to patients; ‘Message Replies’ button to check Patient responses
  • Two way automatic Read Coding – gives assurance that your messages are delivered. Messages sent to patients are recorded in an audit trail, plus they can be automatically read-coded to the patient’s record, along with their response back using either QOF or SNOMED read codes
  • Read coding by template – read/SNOMED codes can be associated (and overidden where required) to favourite templates – no time wasted looking for codes as they’re already allocated
  • Favourite templates by user – message templates can now be favourited by individual member of staff (or all) making it even quicker for authorised staff to send the right message to the right patient.
  • Reporting – monitor how many messages are being sent and delivered to patients through instant messaging
  • Patient response notifications – easily available through a notification and no need for staff to check if a patient has replied to the message sent via Desktop GP. Click the notification and member of staff is taken direct to the new reply.
  • Security – users must log into MJog the first time when using their Desktop GP, ensuring only approved users are able to send messages to patients. (You can optionally change your MJog settings so that users can remain logged in to Desktop GP for the whole day, to enable faster access!)
  • Integrity – practice wide ‘Favourite’ templates can be created, accessed and used from the Desktop GP service for convenience and to prevent typing errors
  • Multi Session – more time efficient when working with multiple windows

Other practice benefits:

Less patient calls or tasks for your Practice by making use of this quick, simple and efficient patient communication tool, using data direct from the patient record – all through one safe, secure and accredited (IS27001, GPSoC & IGSoC) service!

MJog Desktop GP is only available as an addition to the MJog Premium service. For more details please email our sales team at sales@mjog.com or call 01353 741641 (Option 1). Complete your Desktop GP Order form today!


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