MJog Group Discount benefits

Join the MJog Group Scheme today and see the benefits almost instantly:

  1. Dedicated Account Manager, one person to answer all questions to group lead and guide federation through each step of the process
  2. Flexible contract terms – Practices can pick and choose their own package depending on their specific needs.
  3. On site Group Demonstrations and workshop available upon request to help practices engage and make the most of the service
  4. The more practices that join the group the bigger the discount
  5. Extra discounts available for longer term contracts
  6. Discounts are on-going – no one year only deals – possible to increase discount upon renewal as group grows in size
  7. MJog users are able to share their own message templates with other members of the group to assist practices who take a collaborative and federated approach to practice management
  8. Groups can include both new and existing MJog users, even those that have already paid up front for the year – no practice will be out of pocket for joining
  9. Smart APP available to help reduce the cost of SMS and Post on mass
  10. Group members can add additional channels at any time during the contract
    Federations can ask account manager about our new hosted solution – MJog Multi -Tenant

Join today by emailing groups@mjog.com

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