03 May 2019

MJog reveals new app family supporting Matt Hancock’s flagship NHS strategy
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    Smart Monitor’s range of micro apps could play crucial role in aiding GPs to support patients in managing their own care and help relieve hospital crisis

    Leading healthcare messaging company MJOG has developed a new range of health-monitoring micro apps that could prove vital in helping the government tackle the NHS crisis by empowering patients to actively manage their own care.

    Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has pledged to shift the purpose of the NHS in the next decade towards helping people to stay healthy, with a key plank of his Long Term Plan strategy being to make the public take greater responsibility for their own wellbeing.

    Clinicians using the dynamic Smart Monitor will have access to its full range of micro apps and support services but can choose the relevant ones for each patient, meaning a bespoke and targeted support package for every individual. The growing range of micro apps under the Smart Monitor umbrella includes COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), diabetes, asthma and hypertension. Other micro apps allow patients to record their alcohol intake and keep track of their weight.

    Each micro app – most seamlessly accessed via the MJOG Messenger app but also available via a link in a text message or email sent by the clinician to the patient – allows individuals to record relevant health data in one place, providing an accurate daily log without the need to visit a health centre. The patient-facing Smart Monitor service can also be complemented with the in-practice service Patient Health Monitor, which can receive, check and post patient results into their records. This saves doctors’ precious time and could prevent thousands of people developing life threatening or limiting conditions.

    The conditions that Smart Monitor has focused on are among the most common and expensive diseases the NHS has to deal with; roughly 4 million people are estimated to be living with diabetes costing the NHS a total of £10bn a year while approximately 1.2 million people suffer from the lung disease COPD, costing the health service nearly £2bn each year.

    The Smart Monitor service is likely to prove popular with GPs given that 4,000 practices across the UK already use MJOG’s technology to communicate with their combined 35 million patients. The first Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) likely to use the Smart Monitor service is South Tees CCG, which buys services for the 293,000 people of Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland. This CCG plans to use Smart Monitor to help its asthma patients better care for themselves.

    Other CCGs at the forefront of encouraging their patients to use their mobile devices to receive and send health information via secure apps are likely to follow quickly behind.

    The service also means GPs can free up appointments for those most in need, safe in the knowledge that patients can record necessary health data at home. Encouraging patients to record their own data can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and such services have been proven to reduce hospital admissions by two thirds.

    Kevin Nutt, managing director at MJOG, said: “The government’s aim for the NHS, led by Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock, is to move towards greater levels of prevention in healthcare in a bid to relieve the intense and unrelenting pressure facing our hospitals.

    “GPs are critical in achieving this goal as they are exceptionally well-placed to encourage patients to take better care of themselves, partly with the help of their smart phone or mobile device to record and monitor pertinent health data, and establish a reliable log to help ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    “Our Smart Monitor is simple and intuitive to use meaning all patient groups can easily adopt the service into their routines, freeing up precious time and resources for GPs. What’s more, clinicians can choose to use just one of the micro apps, or all of them at the same time to best reflect their respective patient populations.”

    The service costs each GP surgery £600 per year, plus VAT, on top of their MJOG Premium messaging service subscription.

    The launch of Smart Monitor by MJOG comes just a few months after the Cambridge-based technology company spearheaded a trailblazing partnership scheme aimed at improving access to doctors for hundreds of thousands of patients.

    The firm collaborated with online triage and consultation specialists eConsult and Sunderland’s health funding authority as part of its Smart Partners programme, which helps encourage the widespread take up of innovative digital healthcare services.

    Download the Press Release.

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