Text-in Service

Give your patients an easier way to get in contact, with your own dedicated MJog Text-In Number.

MJog users have the opportunity to add a Text-In Number to their existing MJog system. The Text-In Service provides practices with a dedicated number, which they can publish to give patients a more convenient way of getting in contact.

We used MJog Text-In for all of our patients who did not have an up-to-date smoking status. We used the replies: ‘Smoke’ for a current smoker’; ‘Ex’ for an ex-smoker and ‘Never’ if they had never smoked.

From the responses, we were able to automatically update patient records with the appropriate read code, which saved us lots of calls and we were able to reassign resources as a result. Giving patients the choice of being able to respond 24/7 has had a huge impact for us.Mike Wain, Practice Manager, Adelaide Street Surgery

Practice benefits

  • Reduces time spent on incoming phone calls, freeing up reception time
  • Provides a modern form of communication for ‘Text Orientated’ patients
  • Own bespoke poster to advertise the new Patient Text-In number
  • Free Personalised Awareness Posters

How you can use Text-in

  • Automatic Text-In Responders*
  • Cancelling Appointments
  • Patient Feedback
  • Gathering Mobile Numbers
  • Prescriptions Renewals
  • Requesting General Information
  • QOF Responses

Patient benefits

  • Provides an easy way for patients to contact the surgery when on the go
  • Preferred method of communication for younger patients
  • A simple, low cost method to contact their practice
  • Quick and to the point without interfering in busy schedules

Automatic text-in responders

Practices can now set up keywords and associated responses to aid with proactive patient support. When a patient texts in with a matching keyword, they are automatically sent your response and this patient encounter can be automatically read coded against their patient record. For example, you could assist with quitting smoking by making general information available (by text/or email) with a QUIT keyword. When the patient texts in with QUIT they would receive your guidance. Further motivational information could be made available for keywords such as CRAVE or CRAVING.

You can set up unlimited numbers of “keyword responders” within MJog Premium.

If you would like more details please contact our team and complete our online form or call us on 01353 741641 (Option 1).

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