Voice Messaging

Why use voice messaging

GP Practices on average, will typically have a mobile number registered for less than 50% of their patients. Whilst many patients are happy to provide their mobile number, it may be that they haven’t been into the Surgery recently to register theirs, or that some do not own or regularly use one – such as elderly patients.

This means that less than half of your patients can benefit from your messages that you send, and whilst text messages alone have proven to work extremely well, the addition of MJog’s interactive voice messages can increase your coverage to 100% – further increasing response rates to your health campaigns which helps you to acheive QOF targets more efficiently and reducing more DNAs by sending reminders to patients that you haven’t got a registered mobile for.

What is interactive voice messaging

MJog’s voice message is not just a text message read aloud, it is a fully interactive conversation. MJog’s voice messaging typically begins with an introduction announcing who the call is for and optionally where the call is from. Following this the recipient is asked to confirm they are the right person (and optionally enter a PIN for additional authentication).

MJog’s voice message is not just a text message read aloud, it is a fully interactive conversation

Following authentication, the recipient can listen to the main part of the message (and repeat if required). At the end of the message the recipient can optionally be asked one or more questions, for example: Are you going to attend your appointment?

Want to ask a series of questions? No problem, MJog’s voice messaging allows multiple questions and context sensitive questions to be asked, with all results sent back to MJog where they can be automatically read coded. For example; a clinic wants to update Patients smoking status so might ask you to confirm:

  • You currently smoke
  • You are an ex-smoker
  • You have never smoked

If you answer that you currently smoke, you could be asked if you are interested in receiving information on smoking cessation.

Voice Messaging is available as an add on to MJog Premium with no fixed term contract or set up charges and can be used with, or alongside text messages for:

Health Campaigns

Patient Recall Reminders and Health Campaigns can be used via voice reminders also. You can send reminders that a patient review is due, or to ask if they want to take advantage of a flu vaccination, or maybe to check a patient’s health status – such as asking to confirm if they smoke or not.

By increasing coverage from 50 to 100%, running health campaigns will be far more efficient, as the number of patient responses will increase. Patient responses can be automatically recorded direct into EMIS with the Read Code of your choice – meaning that you can achieve your QOF targets in a far quicker time, with much less effort.

Now Messages

Adhoc message types can now be sent via voice messages too. You may need to send a message to an individual or group of patients to let them know that their prescription is ready, that their test results are available or that their appointment needs to be rescheduled.

Appointment Reminders

Deliver your appointment reminders via text or voice to increase your coverage to 100% and achieve maximum success in reducing DNAs. Patients can confirm their attendance, letting the practice know if they can’t attend, which improves access to healthcare by freeing up unwanted appointments.

If you would like more details please contact our team and complete our online form or call us on 01353 741641 (Option 1).

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