MJog Smart

Send engaging messages for free

MJog Smart messages, delivered via MJog Messenger or MJog Web Messenger, are free to send* and can include images, audio, and video at no extra charge.

Smart messages are easier to read, easier for patients to respond to, and improve engagement with healthcare.

Over 1,800 practices are using Smart to send messages for free to over 100,000 patients

What are the benefits?

MJog Smart allows practices to send messages to patients via our Messenger App, or through Web Messenger (via a web browser).


Save Money

Smart messages are free to send via our MJog Messenger app, and just 1.55p through our new solution, MJog Web Messenger.


Increase Engagement

SMS messages are plain and difficult to format. Smart messages can include video, images, and surveys, for free.


Easier Replies

Patients can reply by pressing buttons and inputting data into easy forms. Much easier than SMS, and easier to digest in the practice too.

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The power of Web Messenger

Web Messenger is designed to cut NHS SMS costs in half. By using the power of Smart messages, CCGs in England can save over £35,000 per year* in SMS costs by enabling delivery through Web Messenger in all of the practices across their area. Some CCGs will save upwards of £150,000 per year.

The benefits of Web Messenger:

  • Send SMS messages of multiple segments for the price of one segment, cutting costs by 50% or more
  • Send engaging messages instead of plain SMS, boosting patient engagement with their healthcare
  • Include documents, videos and images in your messages for no extra cost to the practice or to patients**
  • Show patients extra key information for free, such as the practice phone number, email, and website easily.

Improve patient engagement

SMS messages are an old technology, you can't include interactive media such as videos, audio or images. 

With Smart messages, practices can send messages to patients, for free, that include video, images, and audio.

It's easy to embed NHS advice links as buttons, insert a COVID-19 advice video from YouTube, and include more information about your practice.

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Easy to use templates

We've built an easy to use template library for MJog Smart so that you can get up and running straight away.

Our templates are drag and drop and you can preview at anytime to ensure your message is looking great.

Here's some of the useful templates in our library:

  • COVID-19 advice for patients
  • Asthma peak flow results
  • Smoking advice and information collection
  • Diabetes blood pressure reading request

Full Feature List:

  • Free message delivery, data messages become primary channel with SMS is used as a backup
  • Controlled replies – patients respond using quick access button, multiple choice can be provided and controlled by practice
  • QOF Questionnaires enabling 2-way SNOMED Coding
  • Increase Patient Online Usage, helps achieve target for POL target
  • Highly engaging messages, can include Images or links to other apps and websites or service provided by practice e.g. online consultations, auto check in, practice website.
  • Secure Messages, encrypted & pin protected.
  • Centralised reporting of message usage reports of practice specific message usage
  • CCG design and distribution of public advised messages
  • Target patient stipulation for CCG wide messaging
  • Practice grouping, enables sending of messages to specific localities or entire CCG
  • Automatic Smart Invites programme to encourage ongoing patient downloads without need for blanket invite
  • Patient Welcome template incorporated into registration, providing access to other NHS services

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