09 Sep 2015

Switch over your SMS provider, or be switched off!
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  • We are now less than three weeks away from when NHS England will no longer centrally fund the cost of your SMS messages. This means that, from 1st October 2015, your NHSMail SMS messages will no longer be delivered by EE, unless and until your CCG has contracted with EE to take over the NHS England contract in your area.

    How does it affect me?

    This is important as MJog currently sends all of your SMS messages through the NHSMail SMS gateway, and your messages will not be delivered to Patients without EE having your MJog NHSMail account whitelisted on their systems by your CCG.

    To minimise any disruption to our customers Patient Messaging Services (which use the NHSMail SMS Gateway), we are recommending that they check there is a SMS provision agreement in place in plenty of time.

    It is possible that your CCG has already decided that it will definitely take over funding responsibility for your SMS, or it may be that they are still considering what they can afford to do.

    What do I need to do?

    If you are not sure that your CCG will be paying for your SMS messages from 1st October 2015, and you wish to ensure that you are still able to send SMS, then we advise that you let us know in writing that you would be willing to pay for your own SMS usage, just in case. MJog charge 3 pence (plus VAT) per SMS segment.

    As we are all getting very short of time, please email us (accounts@mjog.com) as soon as possible (at the latest by 5.30pm on 21 September 2015), to tell us that you agree to pay for your own SMS messages if your CCG will not.

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