MJog Triage

Easy for patients, easier for practices.

Triage should reduce practice workloads, and this is exactly what MJog Triage is focused on.

Our unique solution is personalised to each patient, matching their request seamlessly with the clinical system to reduce workloads.

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Triage is coming soon and will be available for all MJog practices.

Benefits of MJog Triage

Triage is personalised for each patient, saving time and increasing trust.


Save Time

Our system automatically matches the patient with the clinical system, ensuring accuracy and saving you time.


Reduce Phone Calls

Patients can get what they need via Triage, relieving reception staff from long phone queues and frustrated patients.



Each patient gets a personalised experience, increasing trust with the practice and their healthcare.

Triage made simple

MJog Triage is simple for patients to use and simple for practices to implement. We're not medical professionals, so Triage from MJog focuses on helping both patients and practices through efficiencies in processing.

  • Patients can make a non-urgent request easily online
  • Patient requests are coded back to the patient record, ensuring accuracy for both patient and practice
  • Built-in urgent and COVID-19 screening helps to establish that patients do not require critical care when using MJog Triage